Sell Digital Content

it might sound weird, but do i need any special permission to sell on Envato? i mean Legally speaking, i know that to create an online Store you need special permissions of the government, like constitute yourself as a business, but obviously Envato is different, from authors with experience, do i need any special or legal permission to sell Digital goods on a market place like Envato?

Really depends on your country. For example, here in the United States, you can sell online without any permission from the government and without even registering as a business, and that includes on Envato.

But I can’t imagine any (free) government requiring special permission for this, you’ll need to pay attention to taxes though. Do some research on your laws.

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Thanks! Well… i already investigate all that… i don’t need an special permission , but i need to make a Rent Tax declaration that can vary from 0% - 25%

Thanks a lot!