Sell business card template??


Why my business card template always rejected, is it the design looks basic?



I can not see your link but probably check the same items in category and try to figure out what they are providing and what yu are missing.

Hope this will help you


hi buddy, i do not get it … it seems that there was a link but we cannot see it, was your item really rejected or was there a technical problem causing your link to be removed ? anyway, we cannot help you if u do not see anything , obviously , so please make sure that we see the concerned rejections , thx :wink:


The link was removed because it was direct to a 3rd party marketplace.

Feel free to update it to a better link and re-post it in this thread


HI Charlie thanks for the information


if u could find a place where to post your item, i think that’s the main issue, u do not necessarily need to have it approved here anyway, this is not a “lost work”


hy i send the link on mesage


hy i send the link on messsage


Hi Banish, best to use Dropbox, they have no advertising or other crap, and are free!



that’s a good idea :wink: but i think it doesnt’ change anything,if the content is for sell somewhere else, the link will be removed lol


No, Nico, you can make the link public, and cut and paste it here, so it shows up here, (no link to anywhere, just the image, well, pretty much)! This forum doesn’t have the “i” HTML issue, thankfully.

Got your email Banish, replying now. :sunglasses:


so why did he get his link removed then? lol


tmcon is right just add it to a Dropbox and share a link to the image file. This way people can see the design and comment on it.

The original link was removed because it went directly to an 3rd party marketplace page where the file was for sale.


[quote=“n2n44, post:12, topic:1401, full:true”]
so why did he get his link removed then? lol
[/quote] Charlie answered that one! :blush:

Right l thought that Envato was clamping down on links to Virtual memory sites, with banner, etc advertising? :sunglasses:

We can only hope, (hate checking out someones work, with a dumb video, and banner ad’s everywhere)! :disappointed_relieved: :sunglasses: