Seling different items but having different profile category.

I have selected graphic option while creating my account for selling my graphic items.
But i have other experiences too like making video template and taking photoshots. So i want them to sell here.
So can I sell these different items insted of having different profile category?
Someone please help me.

hi just choose the category where u want to post , this is it … they will create several categories inside your account … u will have for instance a link to GR item, TF or VH items on the sideway in your profile page …

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Hi! Thank you so much for your valuable reply. Just one more question for my clearness that, will they create several categories inside my account while uplaoding the elements or after I uplaod the lements?

Suppose the video template is in another category and I want to see it in the video category
and I also takes Photoshots and also want them to sell in the graphic category. So can I do everything like those?

Waiting for your valuable feedback.

Best regards

Hi Sumon … yes and no lol what i mena by that is that YOU have to choose the right category when uploading (right hand side of your account page) cf upload an item … u will choose from the choices they offer and they will add items to your multiple account categories according to what u chose to upload and to which category this is belong to …

Thank you so much for your most valuable reply.

Best regards