Selecting a template for a new website. Going from a custom Magento 1 site to a template Magento 2 site

Is there an easy way for a eCommerce novice to sort through the 600+ template variations of Magento from themeforest. Unless I missed it I do not see anywhere you can get help. I filled out a ticket and they replied we will get to you in 10 days or so. I can see where they list top sellers and highest rated but how does a rookie get past 3 or 4 designs before they are totally confused. There are a lot of designs that look good but I have no idea if they have a critical flaw that would impact our new Ecommerce sites functionality. We are looking for a site that would be great with cards, gifts, food items, as well as some personalized items.

You can check the item description page and the comments but just a note. From M1 to M2, it’s not an upgrade, it’s migration.

Ok Thank you for the information.