Selected wrong package.

Hi can anyone help please as i have picked a package thinking it was monthly an have now been charged for a year. Can anyone help please before i contact the bank as i cannot accept this no way am I paying over 200 for a watermark removal. I am currently feeling very anxious an sick thinking about how I have just spent funds I do not have. I don’t understand how I chose 1 yr. especially when i know 100% I didn’t even have them funds available . I am now over drawn in my bank account because of this mistake…

Can anyone help please as i am terrified to touch any thing in case i make it worse. i cannot even touch my website because it may make it binding then.

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Elements Help and Support. They will be happy to help. Thanks!


Edit: @KingDog beat me to it

KingDog thank you for the reply …i have been pressing refresh on my page panicking about this, does this sort of thing happen a lot because I am so angry with myself for allowing this to happen. i have sent numerous emails but it says 3 days to reply an i was worried in case i left it to long to contact the bank regarding a refund.

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i only wanted the watermark removing from a picture an 200 odd later i am sick to the stomach…would i be allowed to carry on with my website an be charged for the month an continue with my project or will i need to leave it as is…