Seems that the experiments are over

Hi I would like to share with you that apparently experiments stopped. It seems big sellers or trending are not selected by default

It’s been not easy days because there was a big concern about the idea of irreversible changes but envato staff nicely replied it was just for a try to get results. In my experience it affected my sales because earlier week it was 8 and this last only 1.

Share here your experiences from you author point of view later after the experiment


Every time I check it is still defaulting to sort by ‘trending’ although it’s very unclear from what comes up on top what this is actually based on.

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For me, experiments not over. I still see trending items in the search engine by default and old music 12/13. Also i don’t see sales. In my view, experiments not over. So sad :disappointed:

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It seems it depends on the browser!

  • Opera = trending items as default
  • Chrome = best sellers as default
  • Firefox = newest items as default
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same here…I think it’s not over yet :slight_smile:

I have since one day trending items in firefox as default! (???)

I’m sorry but I was wrong as you guys pointed out it is not defintely over and no one word about when it is supposely to get end. I don’t know why envato put its forces in these experiments which affect our sales after many years of uploading content here instead of putting in order all this mess of weird 2008 tunes as trending items and so on,

For instance:
In the main page search box says “e.g.ambient music”. If you write just the word “ambient” there is the same song for years randomly in the positions from 1-3 (luckily for the author) as a result (just because it is best match+best seller+trending item all together yeah!!!) but do you think this is the best ideal system for the customer?. And now with this experiment this same song goes more and more as a trending item or best seller.
I wouldn’t calll this professional. Not giving chances to new contents is lacking diversity, turning envato into a museum of old glorys, transforming the site in a static place for few honored composers


The search was always like that at least for last 6 months, if you search popular titles (sport, fashion, corporate) you will find the tracks with hundreds or thousands sales on the top search results.

I’m not a big saler (level 3) but curiously it was my best week for a long (8 sales with one broadcast 10 million).
I don’t understand that. I have no trending items and no big sales…
May i’m an exception… (and a lucky man) :wink:


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@Octopusic when i write just “ambiant” (with firefox) i have two results :

-Best match :
The 1st and 1rd items are mine (and they’re not to old, and not big sales) :slight_smile:

-Trending items :
Same result without the 4 first real trending items.

But maybe it doesn’t appear the same on your computer, i don’t know…


As a part-time author here on AJ I can’t waste items now…working and uploading new music with 95% chance of no view at all it’s not worth it…I feel like that :slight_smile:
anyone feels the same?
I hope this thing will end soon, and…good sales everyone!!

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Actually you are misspelling it. Typical music genre is “ambiEnt” not “ambiAnt” :slight_smile:

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OMG @Octopusic you’re right… :open_mouth:

I’m a hopeless man :rolling_eyes:

I change my item names immediatly !


Done !
It was a big mistake…
Thx @Octopusic :smirk:

do you think guys I should cancel the current uploads, which are waiting for review?

The experiment is not over. My last 6 uploads (in a period of 2 weeks) have 0 sales. But I am selling tracks from 2 or 3 years ago. So I hope the tracks I uploaded today, will have sales in 2019/2020 :joy_cat: