Seeking Upbeat Magical Music

Looking for upbeat magical music that starts out with something that sounds like pixie dust then goes into stringed instruments and is fast paced. Must be :30 or willing to cutown a longer cut to this. Think of something that you’d see in a magical kids theme park commercial.

Hi, I have three tracks in my “Fairytale Pack” that might fit this description.


This track could be extended and adapted if required?

Cheers :grin:

Thanks but these are too slow and mysterious. Looking for something more fun and upbeat.

Something along that line but it does feel too Christmassy for this

This track might fit the bill. I’m happy to customize the track by omitting some of the OTT Christmas sounds if they are not appropriate for your project -Just send me a message :slight_smile:

May be this one will suit your project, although don’t know if it is fast enough)

Second one is slower, but may be you will like it)

Good luck!

Thanks for sending. We want lots of energy off the top. The end of this does sound to Christmassy.

Yea, these are too whimsical and slow. Looking for upbeat and magical.

A retro suggestion:

Too retro but thanks!

Thanks but this is too slow and not upbeat enough

Thanks but too slow!

Hi, check this out

Thanks! Need something faster not Christmassy…

Write the style of music you need, I can not guess your thoughts, the style of “magic music” does not happen. Please check these two “magic” not fast and slow tracks.

Think strings, higher notes, chimes, quick paced, happy, upbeat, magical

I updated the message above