Seeking some advice/feedback on this rejected animation set

Hello everyone,

As the title suggests I’m seeking some additional advice/feedback on why this animation set was rejected for sale. I think the preview video sums up pretty well what you would have received as the buyer. (4 individual layers on alpha, as well as on black). Final renders were 2160x2160px @24p (essentially 4k centre cropped).

I’m curious to hear what other authors think about this as a package, and where it failed the quality standards test.

Seed of Life animation set preview video

Video preview is up now.

Kind Regards,

Hi Joe, it sucks to get rejected…

I think the main reasons are either:

  1. It’s unlcear what this is? A logo reveal? Stock motion graphics footage?
  2. It’s too niche and lacks commercial potential. The “Seed of Life” idea and animation - it looks decent but who, where and why would use this? Compare this to a lower third, or a glitch logo animation - which have very clear and obvious uses.
  3. It does look okay/good - the colors match, all the effects are mostly coherent and go well together. But text animation is quite simple, and then the logo animation is too random with the particles build up. What I’m trying to say - it does look good, but there are a few quality/“wow” factor short comings which in this saturated market definitely only lower your approval chances.

So all in all not sure what it is, too niche and needs more attention to details.

What to do?

If you want sales - probably ditch the idea all together, pick something popular and needed, define what it is that youre going o create and for who, and do it your own way while giving it your maximum skills that I see you have :wink:

Good luck!

Hey Atamotion,

I appreciate the feedback. Yeah I think you may be right about it being too niche. Originally my intent is for this to be an element you can use in a composition, rather than a standalone. In the preview video I tried to show some examples of possible usage (bottom thirds, backgrounds or logo integration), but I can see how it could be confusing. Anyhow I do thank you for taking the time to give your opinion, and although I may not drop this project altogether I’m going to put my thinking (rendering) hat back on as how to make this more commercially viable.

All the best, Joe.