Seeking Modern and Comprehensive News/Blog WordPress Theme!

Hi, can someone suggest an appropriate Blog/News WordPress theme as there are too many to review. This will be an industry blog/news and lead generation (forms) platform for the Cannabis industry.

Magazine style is fine but most of them have too much content bunched up too close together, it’s not the simpler style I want. I want a cleaner, modern look with more spacing between content areas. Also SEO optimized, integrations (mailchimp, social media, etc) preferable and just a comprehensive set of modern features by an author that will continue to update/add new features consistent with modern technology and UX best practices.

Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

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These are blog themes:

The themes below may look like commerce but if you like the design, you can use as a blog theme as well. It’s supported.

You can check our Moonfly theme. It has a visual page builder that you can create a page in a matter of minutes, also you can customize the archive pages layout if you want and more others.