seeking help on soft reject

Hello guys

One of my products is soft rejected. I tried twice to improve it, I studied a lot on visual hierarchy but still failed.

Here is the message from Envato team:

  1. Again. Improve visual hierarchy: Screen Shot on 2021-11-07 at 07-45-36.png - Droplr Screen Shot on 2021-11-07 at 07-45-14.png - Droplr

This is my demo link:

I don’t understand what is wrong with my design. Please, suggest me how can I improve it. Any help will be appreciable.

It will still need better design

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If you have a sneaky rejection, that means it’s almost close to being validated.
For my part, when he talks about visual hierarchy, it means that must respect the capture below, both must be similar, he do that and I think it will be validated.


Thank you so much


Firstly congratulations - I find it very nice.
My only observations would be (for me personally) is there is too many scrolling objects which then detracts from me focusing on something that might be interesting.

It’s almost like being on a fairground ride going round and round, and not being able to focus on important points.

Visual hierarchy controls the delivery of the experience. If you have a hard time figuring out where to look on a page, it’s more than likely that its layout is missing a clear visual hierarchy.

But listen I like it a lot :wink:

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