Seeking help for purchased product.

Hello, I purchased a script on Envato, the script is called OkDate. I have problems with this script, I asked several times for the help of the author without getting an answer. I asked envato for a refund. They replied but it is as if they do not read the problem, I have attached the site link, the errors, but nothing, I do not know how to proceed. I paid the script regularly, with 6 months of assistance. Can anyone give me a tip? Thank you.
P.S. Sorry for English but I use google translator.

What are the issues you are having?

Support is intended to address bugs and errors but for support in using, installing the script etc then your best option is to hire help on

Thanks for the reply. The problems I encounter are 2. By accessing the site and trying to make a registration, an error screen appears in some php files. The second error is that if you go back from the error screen, the registration is successful, but if you then click on friends, another database error screen.

It will be tough to get advice on stuff like that in a general forum.

The author claims to support items in 2 business days but if this is not proving to be the case then you can raise it with envato Envato Market Help and Support