Seeking Guidance: Which Envato Platform for These Templates?

Hello guys,

I’m seeking your valuable input and guidance on where to upload the following templates: Themeforest or Codecanyon. Additionally, I would greatly appreciate your honest feedback on whether these templates meet the stringent Envato quality standards. Your insights will help me avoid wasting time on creating descriptions and other necessary content if they don’t align with the platform’s requirements.

Here are the templates I’m considering:

  1. Soonify - Coming Soon Page Template
    Demo: Soonify - Coming Soon Page Template

  2. Secura - Authentication Pages Template
    Demo: Secura - Authentication Pages Template

  3. Oops - Error Page Template
    Demo: Oops - Error Page Template

  4. Gratia - Thank You Page Template
    Demo: Gratia - Thank You Page Template

  5. Connecto - Contact Form Page Template
    Demo: Connecto - Contact Us Page Template

  6. Buildr - Under Construction Page Template
    Demo: Buildr - Under Construction Page Template

  7. Bookit - Booking Form Template
    Demo: Bookit - Booking Page Template

Your insights and suggestions on the appropriate category and quality standards would be immensely helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Have a great day!

Given it’s basically the same thing with some different content/forms/fields then you would be better to try and combine everything (probably for CodeCanyon) as individually, with respect, these have zero chance of approval

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That’s a great idea @charlie4282 , thank you so much for your advice!
Please, what do you think about the quality of the design, do they meet the quality standards of Envato?

Design is very basic and you will need to find a way to develop the premium element of these that warrants someone paying for it.

e.g. if you built some form of drag and drop functionality where buyers can easily combine the different elements then that is unique and premium.

As it is now would not be hard to find similar designs for free online in the different applications

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Thank you so much @charlie4282 !