Seeking freelance/contract developer for a multi user blog platform

Hey guys.
I’ve found a few existing solutions here but, not exactly what I need.
Im looking to hire a freelancer developer to help me on a multi author blog platform much like movie

Where users can sign up and post various types of posts that curate and display sorted on the site.

However, theres a few key features that I’m looking to implement such as a “premium” secondary account where posts have a dedicate section as well.

Again, I’ve found a few PHP Laravel based scripts on Codecanyon and a few close themes on Themeforest…close, but not quite there. Ideally, not doing a Wordpress based site though, bt not 100% opposed.

Open to using existing resources if that helps. Looking for a quality, on going relationship with a good developer!

Hi @divisionalmedia

I am familiar with the requirements you have posted.

Skype: Robert.cisin

Robert :slightly_smiling:


I am happy to help you. Please connect in skype : winwinweb05 or

With regards,

Please show me something you’ve down thats similar.