Seeking feedback on rejected project

Hello everyone, I would love to get some constructive criticism on my first hard rejected project (doesn’t’ meet quality standards):

Basically, customizable animated speech bubbles that amongst stroke/color control allow adjusting bubbles tail length/direction, something which I always found missing in current speech bubble items.
My first guess would be that the deeper customization wasn’t enough to get accepted? As I’m aware that the bubbles themselves aren’t that original, just kinda general ones.

What are your thoughts? Maybe the presentation is lacking, or other aspects?
Thanks in advance!

Anyone? :see_no_evil:

The presentation was well done, the design looks appropriate given the context of the product – a comic style speech bubble.

I’d recommend taking this and creating a more robust product for a comic effect. I think a buyer will appreciate the work put into the speech bubbles and how customizable they are, that way it’s more of a pleasant bonus element rather than the product itself.

Try and think about ways they can be used in video or static images and try to show buyers how they can be used (comic freezeframes, for example). You’ll open up your target market much wider from someone searching specifically for speech bubbles to a broader comic effect.

Thank you very much!