Seeking Feedback on Hard Rejection of Plato Gallery WordPress Plugin

Hello fellow authors,

I recently submitted my WordPress plugin called Plato Gallery to the marketplace and unfortunately received a hard rejection. I would greatly appreciate your insights and feedback on the possible reasons for this rejection.

Summary of Plato Gallery functionality:

Plato Gallery aims to provide WordPress sites with a versatile solution for creating personalized galleries securely. Key features include:

  • Unique Access Tokens: Each gallery uses unique access tokens to ensure privacy and security.
  • Dynamic Display Options: Offers 3D AR/VR, image sliders, and responsive grid columns.
  • Customizable Shortcodes: Easy embedding using custom shortcodes.
  • Robust Configuration Settings: Detailed customization of views, dimensions, and layouts.
  • Centralized Dashboard: Effortless management and updates of galleries.
  • Additional Features: “My Favorites” shortcode, integrated contact forms, and WebGL integration.

Demo Link: Plato Gallery
Plugin Feature Page Link: Plugin Features - Plato Gallery

I believe Plato Gallery offers unique functionalities that can benefit WordPress users looking to enhance their site’s galleries. Despite this, I received a rejection and would like to gather your thoughts on potential areas for improvement.

Any feedback regarding plugin functionality, user experience, or compatibility issues would be invaluable to me. I’m eager to refine Plato Gallery and make it suitable for the marketplace.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

Janine Wald

You are an exclusive author but it’s for sale elsewhere?

What do you recommend? We aren’t offering it anywhere else. Why did you mention this? I’m new to this platform, and this is my first listing.

While it’s available elsewhere it won’t be approved here unless you become a non exclusive author

I think codester is different platform, anyway how i will remove myself from exclusive authors.

I believe Codester is a different platform. Anyway, how can I remove myself from being an exclusive author? I just wanted to get approved on this platform.

Please confirm if you’ve found any other issues.

I’ve managed to remove the exclusive badge. How long will it take for the badge to be removed from my profile?

Since you mentioned that the exclusive option led to rejection, I’ve now removed it. What steps should I take next to get my item approved on CodeCanyon?