Seeking Feedback for Rejected Item

Hi Envato Community,

I submitted the Snapix template to Themeforest, and it got rejected. I’d appreciate any feedback on why it might have been rejected. The template includes Next.js 13+, React.js, Tailwind CSS v3+, and features a clean codebase with a focus on modern design.


  1. Any specific issues with the code or design?
  2. Suggestions for improvement?

Here is the Site Link - Snapix - Modern TailwindCSS Personal Portfolio React Nextjs Template

I’ve noticed that the design seems to share similarities with other styles that are widely available, including some free options. I wonder if there’s an opportunity to explore unique elements that could make it stand out more.

Hi gridsnap

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the Snapix template. I appreciate your insights and the observation about exploring unique elements – it’s a valuable perspective that I’ll definitely consider in my revisions.

By the way, do you have any recommendations on where to find inspiration for unique and modern design ideas? I’m always looking to stay updated on the latest trends and explore innovative approaches.

Thanks again for your feedback!


  • Structure is too basic
  • Lacking consistency
  • Typography needs improvements (it’s pretty good in ‘Pricing’ section)
  • Spacings needs improvements
  • Hovers, and animations can be improved
  • Proportions are off
  • Overall design looks outdated

I suggest you to learn more about the main design principles.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi FlaTheme

Thank you for providing detailed feedback on the Snapix template. I appreciate your insights and constructive criticism. Your observations are valuable, and I’m taking note of each point for improvement.

I’ll work on enhancing the structure, consistency, typography, spacings, hovers, animations, proportions, and overall design. Your suggestion to delve deeper into the main design principles is well-taken, and I’m committed to the learning process.

Thanks again for your input and good wishes! :slight_smile:


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