Seeking Clarifications - Addons and Product Exclusivity

In preparation to my first product listing, I have been reading envato terms.

Below is a line I’m seeking

Does exclusivity extend to products and services offered by third parties (including other authors)?
If you choose to make your items available on an exclusive basis, then you are not permitted to have any involvement with any person or business that offers any products or services that, if offered by you, would breach this item exclusivity policy (and in this context, ‘involvement’ includes as an owner, partner or party to any arrangement that directly or indirectly authorises the offering of those products or services).
This means, for example:

  • If you are an author of a theme sold exclusively on Envato, you should not authorise an external developer to create an add-on for that theme and sell it outside Envato, nor should you authorise another Envato author to create a multi-platform port of that theme and sell it outside of Envato (even if they also sell it on Envato non-exclusively).


My product offers suppprt for multiple themes, admins can generate, customize, export and install their own themes.

With this, other developers can create their own theme off our product and install on their own website, resale or share freely.

Scenario: Developer A buys 5 licenses for our product from envato , Developer A wants to install our product on five different website but our product have only 3 bundled themes.

Developer A doesn’t want all 5 websites to share the same appearance, he proceed to use our theme generator to create the “Xylone” theme, then proceeds to do a complete/partial overhaul of the newly generated theme to look and feel entirely different from the previous themes.

Developer A puts the new theme on sale on his website for anyone who likes the new skin.

Scenario 2: Developer B purchase license for our theme on Envato, the default theme is designed with Tailwind css but he prefers BootStrap.

Developer B makes create a bootstrap version of our default theme and calls “ZitPot Bootstrap Theme” .

Although ZitPot Bootstrap Theme looks and feels like ZitPot Default, it is still consider a different theme as it made with another framework.

All these themes are addons which other users can buy and install on website which they have already purchased the license on Envato.

Can you help me check.


Not allowed. Developer A must sell the theme on as an exclusive author. You (the original exclusive author) are the only one allowed to sell add-ons through your own website.

I doubt the reviewer would care very much about this if it was uploaded to CodeCanyon. The review process for add-ons is pretty lax.

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Thank you