Seeking An HTML5 Game Arcade Type Set-Up For Construct2 Games

Hi all.

I make HTML5 Games using Scirra’s Construct 2 and have a client who wants their own arcade on their site with all the usual features like a member log in, a leaderboard, and that sort of stuff.

They have their own site with full php/mysql stuff, but php breaks my brain so I am hoping to find an arcade system that allows me to upload original HTML5 games made with C2.

I saw many Arcade products in the marketplace, only a couple of which claimed compatibility with C2, and of them one specifically said it only worked with games made by that specific creator.

I asked in the comments on another if it would accept my own creations, but got no answer.

I have been told that C2’s export structure is different and can conflict with some arcade structures, but that part is outside my area of expertise, thus my asking here for help.

It can be either a stand alone thing for a regular website, or a wordpress plugin - the most important things being that it accepts my own games and that it have some sort of member system with log in and leaderboard to track high scores.

I can’t use the type that only import from other arcades (like the Scirra Arcade by the creators of Construct2) because the games will have some adult content that violates terms of service on a public arcade like theirs (thus the need to have a log in to access - age verification can be handled on this end).

If nobody knows of one that is already in the Marketplace which I somehow failed to find, please let me know!

If there are none, I am interested in arranging to commission a custom one.

Sorry to be so verbose, but I try to give all relevant information when asking such questions.

My thanks to anyone and everyone who can offer help in this matter.

Hi, I am 2D / 3D game artist and looking for 2D / 3D game art project. If you have nay opportunity let me know. My contact is : allgplayers[at]gmail[dot]com. I will share my portfolio via mail. Thanks.

Hi Adview,

I’m not sure I understand your post.

Can you code the project I am seeking to commission?

I am seeking a full arcade setup to host my own games, not an artist to help with making games. I do just fine with that part.

Did you by chance mean to start your own thread looking for work? Because your post, if it is what it appears to be (you looking for work making games) is way out of place in a thread for a person seeking to commission a custom arcade style platform project for hosting games and would get more attention in it’s own thread.

Please don’t hijack this topic for your own gain. It makes you look bad and nobody will want to hire you.

If you can code what I am looking for - please say so directly!

If not …

Well, I wont be rude. But I am tempted.