Seeking advise from you lovely people on a new client I Just landed



Hello my lovely folks -

This is my first post here although I have been a long time lurker and have always found posts here to be very educational and motivating. My apologies for asking for stuff in my first post and not contributing to the knowledge base here. However, I am not a developer and sadly have very little to contribute. I come here to learn :smile:

My client runs a lovely business networking event in London every month. They do have a site, but it is very old and needs changing. So here are the 2 main objectives:

  1. Must be a membership site where people have to sign up. Some content will be made available to non members and most only to members. It is going to be for free but we need to be able to make the memberships paid later on…
    (i am thinking- may be first 200 gets in for free and then we charge a little)

  2. there needs to an events plugin of some sort. - so that we can also post events and then people can sign up and get stuff added to their calendar etc etc…

This client is very important for me as there is a partnership dialogue going on… i e i just can not mess it up :smile:

So, any theme suggestions or plugin suggestions are most welcome… also I might need some one to help me with this project to some extent… so if you are interested let me know (sorry mods if i am not supposed to talk about hiring here)

Many thanks!


I am interested to collaborate with you on the project. I have some plugin and theme suggestions in mind which will help us to get going ahead with the project and complete it successfully. You can message me through my themeforest profile contact form and we can continue from there. Thanks! :slight_smile:


There are loads of suitable event themes and some will have the membership plugin in there / otherwise there are several plugins which can do this.

One thing to be aware of is if you plan to charge people to use the site e.g. membership then you need an extended license which is normally considerably more expensive e.g. $2K+, so you may wish to look at for someone to custom develop something for you.

If you work with an external person using a theme from here make sure they/you are using the right license because it is royally going to ruin your relationship if they (as the site owner) end up with license or legal issues.


sorry for off-topic

but that means… every person buying woocommerce themes buying extended license?
because woocommerce themes are mainly used to charge people for products/services.


As I understand it it depends how you operate it.

If it is just a shop that’s fine (it’s just you on your own/transferring to one client using the site once), but if you are charging users to use the site (not just buy products from it) then that is different because effectively you are ‘selling’ or charging multiple clients/users.

I actually asked for clarification on this recently due to another thread so will update this as and when I hear back.


oh ok,
thanks for the clarification.


Check out this plugin

Extended license only $135