See the $1,000 Winning Entry from our Server Downtime Web Page Redesign Contest!

Hooray! :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:I’m so excited! :smiley: Thanks guys for comments I really appreciate it. Thanks β€˜Envato’ for this great opportunity. This win gave me a huge motivation. :sunglasses:

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congrats!! it was the best entry!! well deserved :slight_smile:

Congratulation Kotulsky, You deserved this because you understand the meaning of maintenance and you design it accordingly. :clap:

This was unbeatable. . . … . Congratulations (y)

Awesome design. Congrats Kotulsky!

Well done kotulsky! But we hope this is the only time we ever see your design.

Very nice! Interesting idea :grinning:

@scottwills Currently the Market is down… but showing the old maintenance page instead!!!

@KingDog Will Lock This Thread Too… :smiley:

May as well :smiley: