See the $1,000 Winning Entry from our Server Downtime Web Page Redesign Contest!

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We’re delighted to announce the winner of our Server Downtime Redesign Contest!

We invited our community to redesign our very own server downtime page and we had a massive response! Many thanks to the hundreds of entries we received, and for the Envato Design & UX team for reviewing all the entries!

Grand Prize Winner

Many congratulations to kotulsky for the winning entry below!kotulsky - redesign winnerSome of the judges' comments about the winning design included:
  • "We loved the animation!
  • "It's tech, we love tech."
  • "It was fun and playful."
  • "Nice and simple."
kotulsky - redesign winner

kotulsky - redesign winner

kotulsky designed the winning design above and wins a massive $1,000, a Won a Competition badge, and will also get a credit on the server downtime page when it is relaunched. Very well done, kotulsky, we’ll be in touch soon with information about your prize!

Next Steps

We'll be incorporating the winning design into our actual server downtime page so stay tuned while it gets built out and be on the look out for the new web page when it eventually gets deployed!

Big Thanks to our Community!

Sincere thanks to all our community members who entered the contest, we had some amazing entries and it was tricky picking a winner. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity! All contest entries can be viewed here.

Good pick, love it too! Congrats @kotulsky :clap: :clap: :clap: :trophy:

wow… Great pick… Congratulations @kotulsky buddy.

Although I liked the Cat version :slight_smile:

Why not give away some cool gifts to other Top 5 designs? May be they worked hard too… We also love to see other designs were in consideration :smile:



You deserved it @kotulsky. Although i love your second entry more :smile:

Congratulations kotulsky! :clap:

Great job, congratulations to the winner!

Not as good as my intergalactic battle cats and invading space lizards, but a worthy winner nevertheless.

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Intergalactic battle cats are in a league of their own, @SpaceStockFootage, we just didn’t think the world was quite ready yet for such awesomeness. :wink:


Yes, I assumed that was the reason!

I just discovered your plot for world domination. If you flip the cats page vertically and invert the colours, it spells out “Vote SpaceStockFootage for President of the World. He is the greatest leader ever known, and an excellent guitarist.” I have to say I was surprised to read that, but best of luck to you! :+1:

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congratulations :blush:

Well deserved, creative stuff!

Well done :smiley: congratulations

:clap::clap::clap: congrats @kotulsky!

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Great job. :clap::clap::clap: congrats

Congratulations kotulsky!

You deserved it @kotulsky. Your design was really different.Congrats :clap:

Great job!

Hey, when we will see the new design in the action? Ahem, hope never :wink: