See our $3,000 PixelSquid inspirational wallpaper design winners

Thanks Envato and PixelSquid for this contest, it was a great pleasure and fun to take part in it :slight_smile: And I will definitely use PixelSquid’s photos in my future projects :slightly_smiling:
Congrats for all winners! :slight_smile:


That article is the worst laid out article I’ve ever seen. The most annoying, irritating…

You scroll down the page and the sidebar goes with you and lays right over the images that the creators worked to hard to make. PLUS half the image is off the page to the right.

SOOOO…I put it up on my 24" monitor…same garbage. The images are off the page to the right and the sidebar still scrolls right over the ‘middle of the image’ on the ‘right hand side’ of the screen.

Besides the crappy presentation, the images are fantastic…from what I saw…I didn’t stick around too long due to pure frustration trying to rid myself of that scrolling sidebar.

@GoBabyGoPL I think you uncovered a bug as it didn’t originally look that way. Thanks for letting us know! I’ve just made a quick update to remedy the issue but I’ll pass it along and mention it to the crew that maintain the blog to get it checked out properly to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks again! :thumbsup: