Security, log ins, with variable pricing

We would like to find a wordpress template with sign in options. Depending on who
signs in means they get a certain price for items or a discount. Professionals get a cheaper price
than consumer pricing. Also one which links to social media outlets for easier updating.
Does anyone know a template or the best way to set this up?
We cant figure a way to filter the theme options down.
Thank you

You will need a plugin to handle that,most ecommerce systems for WP won’t do that so you will need a plugin for that plugin (fun eh), have a look at codecanyon for ideas.

Is this something to pass along to the person who will be helping us?
Sorry, We assume so.
Is there a specific thing to look for in finding a theme to make this plugin work best
or sync easier?
Thank you for your help

Would you recommend we continue to use WP or move onto Weebly?

Use WooCommerce and this plugin would work best for you : “WooCommerce Prices By User Role”

Use WordPress, it’s sooooooooooo much more flexible than weebly… See @Landonw 's post on a plugin which may do what you need.

Thank you
We will check that out for sure.

C’est très important en effets !