Security Issue Found on ThemeForest

Hi there,
I’m an author of ThemeForest. Recently, I was checking all the newly approved items on ThemeForest. Suddenly, I found an item named “Pcube Shop Ecommerce HTML5 Template” that has 32 sales & 03 reviews. As this is a newly approved item, I clicked on the item & checked the review section of the item.

I was shocked! The reviews of this item were far away from the approved date. This item’s approval date is 5th August 2022 & the reviews are 03 years & even another is 05 years ago. How was this possible for a newly approved item’s review 05 years ago? This is a very very big serious security issue on the market. Even on the All Categories tab & also Site Templates tab, it takes place like a newly approved item on ThemeForest.

Another thing I want to mention is that, I have checked this item’s author’s portfolio “pcubeit” & found this author has another item named “p-cube-blog”. I checked the comments section & found the comment was made 04 years ago. As an author, I felt very bad when I found an outdated item on the newly approved item’s list. This could be a very serious issue on the market & Envato should know this.

That’s why we’re here to let Envato know about this security issue. We’re attaching some screenshot(s) & also the relevant link to this issue. Please take a look & fix these issues.

Kind regards

Hi, this is not just a ThemeForest problem.
On entering here you can see the same problem:
This is Top New Files and shows projects that are much older but have a bug in the publish date.
This can be verified after the date of the comments, which are several years old.
@BenLeong can you take a look at it?

Also I am tagging @rosssimpson and @KingDog

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Hi Envato, @BenLeong @Kristinbrodie @KingDog @collis

Here, I have realized. Some old Items show as latest item currently in themeforest. Is there something wrong there?

This item does show in under Latest (Newest) items. if, I does check reviews & comments section of this item. So, It does show old date. that means, this is old item. So, why this is show as Latest items. Please check below screenshot.

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