security announcements list or RSS feed?

Hi, i’m big on security – i advise all my clients to not install any software unless the author maintains an active security announcements email list or RSS feed.

Do any of the Themes have such a list that i can subscribe to? Have been digging and can’t find anything yet. Am specifically looking for one on Avada.

P.S. For example, Apple sends out emails periodically (usually less than once a month) on issues with macOS, iPhones, etc. @
Most any legit company that loves transparency uses such a “security announce” list or feed – they’re pretty ubiquitous throughout the software industry and am hoping that Envato has one too. If not, would love to make this as a suggestion – where would i go to do that?

You could talk to support but the themes here don’t belong to envato, so anything like this would need to be compiled by the authors which may be ambitious from some who are smaller outfits with less resource available.

Also, themes are not really the same as software. You could create a list of vulnerabilities in the theme but I doubt authors would be too keen on advertising these, and in most cases would simply fix any problems.

Avada has a inbuilt feature that fixes bugs and security issues in the wordpress dashboard.


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