Secrets About Audio Jungle

What Are The Secrets About Music Production For Best Sales?

No secrets or shortcuts I think… Make good music, don’t take too much time to get to the point, have definite endings, make it simple but don’t repeat the same thing over and over, make alternate versions (loop, cut downs and without lead elements), search what are the most popular keywords and pick the ones that really relates to your music, make a lot of tracks, etc… Also, if you don’t get too much success being exclusive, you can always open your window and see the real world.


Yes of course, the secret is… wait, that was the doorbell. My Pizza is here.


Sad news:

Turns out that pizza was poisoned. Myke should have known better. The secret’s gone now, forever.


The real secret is to pet a viper… so you can poison other authors’ pizzas!