Second Track Rejection

Hey community, I’d loved to get some feedback for my rejected track.

Thank you for your opinions and stay safe!

Hi there,

Great job! Love the mix!

Here’s what I’m hearing:

  1. I would come up with a second, contrasting theme to answer back and forth with your primary theme (e-c-e-c-e-c-e-c), and kind of flip between the two, maybe combine them toward the end.
  2. The treble is a little harsh/sharp in places.
  3. I would also add a shaker or something similar to bring out the rhythm.

Not an expert, but that’s my thoughts. Good luck!

  • Nathan

I second iwritemusic. The song needs much more groove in the percussion side of things. Snare, shaker, claps, a lot of things. Also it could use a second melodic section so the song is a little bit less repetitive. And finally, the main lead could be reinforced/layered with something else, so it becomes more interesting.