Second Track in a Row Rejected! Should I bin it or change it?

The only thing I don’t like this long entry and very little of the main theme. subject interesting and enjoyable.

Yeah I was trying to make the intro suitable for Voice Over and the lift section for the ‘branding’ ie. trying to be thoughtful to an advertisement. This was made using an actual commercial advert as a reference but it seems AJ reviewers aren’t interested in that and prefer more ‘straight to the point’ compositions?

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Hello, I don’t know which kind of advert you used as a reference… but the adverts are often 30 seconds long, so a long intro is not a good idea I guess :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment. The work was actually commissioned by a major brand and I received full TV ready videos and reference tracks etc. This composition matched the reference track and footage perfectly. The piano section was some women telling a story about being insecure etc and then when beat kicks in they are confident after using the product and strutting their stuff etc. It was shortlisted but unfortunately they concluded on something completely different. Hence why I’m uploaded it to AJ. I do quite a bit of bespoke brief work for TV commercials etc and the majority of them are around 15 or 30 secs with the odd few being 1 - 2mins. It all depends on the type campaign.

Ok, then I understand.
But I think that here on AJ you have to get quite quickly to the point, so I guess the potential buyers don’t like long intros. That being said, you could make several versions of your song. I am a totally beginner here, but I am trying to always provide several versions of my tracks, thinking that it might help the buyer.

Maybe you could try that, having a “short intro” version, and a “long intro” one?

The next step is providing a “music kit”, but for that, the main track has to be accepted.

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Yeah I guess it has to be more general overall. Do it you think it would be a good idea to split it into two different tracks (with added elements etc) with the intro as one track and main section as another? Do you have much success with various versions? Thanks for the advice.

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as @frozenjazz said I think various versions is better… customers like to have different options … more versions are more possibilities to fit in a project…
I don’t use to do that, maybe it’s for this reason although I have tracks approved I’m not selling a lot :slight_smile:
I need to do more versions, I think it’s the key to get approvals and to sell better.
Good luck!