searching thru the .aep project directly in windows

Is there any way you can make a keyword search into your computer for an element, but this search to be made inside of all available AE templates?
I mean, Is there any soft/script you can use to search for a word directly in all my available .aep templates, without needing to import them all into the After Effects?
Makes sens my question?
I have about xx templates, all with icons an a lot of elements, and the only way to find the animated “brain” (for example) into a template is to import all the .aep into AE and make a search there, or to open each template one after another to make a single search for a work to find out in which template is that animated “brain”…

something like the attached scratch
I really don’t know how to explain it more detailed :frowning:


To search directly into a AEP file from Explorer I do not think is possible. As an alternative there are some useful scripts on Videohive that allows you to batch export every composition as a animated GIF so you can preview very fast or search for keywords.

Being able to search through .aep files directly in Windows would require Adobe and Microsoft to collaborate with each other. And that’s in my opinion a big deal and I don’t think it’s not going to happen unfortunately.
I’m almost certain that it’s impossible for someone who’s not Adobe to make a third-party software/script that could read .aep files and grab information from them.

I’d suggest you import all the projects you have into After Effects and save them all as a new project, so that you won’t have to import the projects every time you want to search for something, and opening the big project is much faster than importing all the projects. Also you can merge the big project and the project you’re working on together so that you don’t have to switch between projects and save your time.