searching for WYSWYG responsive template


I have this hobby where I make backyard statues for gardens (Buddha’s, Dogs, Cats, Angels, Mushrooms etc). So I bought a template from Themeforest and made myself a site. It looks pretty good. I have a couple friends who actually make the molds for cement statues and they need websites. (more business-like than mine)

I also have a lightbox program which allows one to simple drag a bunch of pictures into it and it’ll produce a lightbox gallery on a specific html page.

So what I’m looking for is a responsive template with a slider on top and space to drop in a gallery of pictures. I don’t like the ‘one-page’ design because I always screw it up. I’m also not a fan of these HUGE sliders on the top of the page that take up the whole screen. Something similar to this would be good:

I’m not amazing at code but I can figure a lot out. Perhaps down the road I can figure out how to put and “order now” button below each picture with a cart to it. But I understand they are pretty hard to make? probably expensive to tie credit cards into it as well…

If you have a responsive template that wold work well with a gallery can you e-mail me at I’ve been searching through the html templates on themeforest and there are so many I’m spending hours.