Searching for wordpress theme


I need to build a wordpress website with the exact the same layout (or very look alike) that is on this pdf.

Almost all of the pages are the same as the second page of the pdf.

It’s something kind of basic but there are “special” things like the transparency of the captions in the photos, the “badge” on the top of the first photo (second page) and the layout of the texts on the second page (background in blue).

Thank you!

I don’t know if you have to reproduce this particular microsite or not.
If yes, we have no idea what resources (psd, etc…) you are provided. So your question is hard to answer, because there are so many ways how to achieve your goals depending on your resources.

Hi Kriszta…

I’ve all the resources, photos, text, etc, etc, I just need the layout in wordpress, or a similar one. Especially the three things that I mentioned before (Transparency in captions, badge and the three text layouts in the second page).


@PedroLaia you are welcome :slight_smile:
Basically you can achieve that with any WordPress themes, Essential Grid plugin, Revolution Slider plugin (or other popular ones) and using any of the popular page builders without coding.
A lot of WordPress themes here on ThemeForest bundle these plugins.
Many of the themes come even with header and footer builder (and/or with custom widget areas).

Can you recomend one template with those plugins? Or do I have to search by myself?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Well, yes, basically you should do the search on your own :smile:
I know it is hard sometime to find our way :slight_smile:

Have a look at these portfolios.
What I like here is, that these themes have special widget areas, header and footer builder - drag and drop, in generally Revolution Slider is bundled, you can purchase Essential Grid separately if it is not bundled and the themes in these portfolios have specific look and design focused on one topic so they need less work. You can change colors easily, that’s not a question. These themes come with popular page builders, WPBackery or Elementor.
Try these, I love to work with the framework they are using:

Is not so hard, but you need custom theme.

Yes page builder and to make all from slider in down, in page builder.