Searching for "bloat-free" themes


Can anyone recommend some authors which produces bloat free themes?


  • no bundled plugins
  • no theme option panel
  • no custom branding
  • must utilize the customizer
  • no 100+ looks and demos (one is enough)

If you fulfill these requirements just respond with "my items are awesome"
If you know someone just mention his username


Here are some authors mentioned in this thread:

Non Visual Composer themes

@themezilla, @GoodLayers, @proteusthemes, @WPExplorer


Boy that’s a rare one :))

Sadly all you’re saying is true and i do feel a dose of guilt. Sooner or later probably the bubble will explode.

Beside what @surjithctly mentioned, i would go with @tommusrhodus , @SoloPine , EckoThemes


I would take a look at our latest themes like Timber.


Thanks a ton @surjithctly you cannot imagine how thrilled I am to see you noticing this! :smile:

And yes @revaxarts, my items are awesome!


and maybe these two: meanthemes + codestag


Our stuff is pretty bloat free I’d say :wink:


tommusrhodus, ThemeBeans, meanthemes, DistinctiveThemes, Bitfade, Themewich


Thank you guys. I’ve updated the first post for fast access


I have some goodies bookmarked but would like to have some more options - bumb


i was in same boat recently but could not find any theme which is not bloat free and writes 100s lines of css in page head so i had to settle with some free theme.



I’m shamelessly jumping in this thread advertising myself. There are some of my themes which are bloat-free, like Paper, Ravage, Senator, Parlament.


cool! I’ve added you to the list :slight_smile:


What a great thread! We really needed something like that.

Let me add @visualkicks to the list - his items are pretty rad.

I am also a big fan of @ThemeBeans. Super clean stuff, equally beautiful on the front-end, back end and code editor. :smile:

To me, sadly, bloat-free = hard reject on ThemeForest.

I had a really clean, simple HTML template of mine ported to WordPress, however it got rejected for lacking of features. We then proceeded to turn it into a viral video sharing theme that then got approved, but turned the theme in a bizarre thing it was not meant to be.

I am currently battling a review process for a ghost theme being too minimal - however it was meant to be this way. I feel I now have to add unnecessary elements and features to make it ThemeForest-ready.

Refreshing to have a list of bloat-free authors, and give them some praise for not jumping ship into the mega bundle multi purpose powerhouses that only make little sense to build one client / personal website.


my item is awesome :smile: