Searching for a sidebar menu!

Hello everyone!

I hope someone could point me to a good sidebar menu script because I can’t find/decide which one to take!

Basically I’m in need for a sidebar menu script which is (kind of) similar to this: but for the right side. I want to integrate my user’s their little information menu on it as well (like Hello user, showing avatar and a few links).

The thing is, I’m in need for a few specifications and I’m not sure which sidebar menu’s hold them.
These specifications are:

  • Deciding when the sidebar is open or closed (a button to open and close it, if possible it remembers the last setting), also possible to decide if it should be closed on specific pages
  • Possible to integrate it with forum software --> I’m using vBulletin and would love to integrate it

That’s it actually.
For the rest I’m pretty fine with coding and integrating it but I just don’t know what sidebar menu holds the specifications I’m looking for. Any answers into the right direction are much appreciated!

So thanks in advance!

  • Xarwin
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Still looking :slight_smile: