(Searching) Angular based Admin - Theme do configure our devices

Hello together!

As i am completly new to Angular, i search for an advise.

My next project is to build a webapplication, which is running on BeagleBone boards. We deployed a software to the BeagleBone boards, which controls our sensors (that are connected to it). Our sensors generate count-data from people.

The webapplication is needet to send the system parameters to our software, which is listening to a specific port @

The goal is:

  1. A user opens the angular based admin theme (which i am searching here)
  2. A user runs through a install wizard for basic parameters (admin theme)
  3. The webapp checks for incorrect inputs etc.
  4. When saving those parameters (submitting simple forms) those parameters will be send to a specific port @ localhost
  5. The devices gets the new parameters in real time and the configuration is finished

In the following some more informations:

  1. We have a lot of devices. So i will develope on a single device, and after developing i just want to copy all of the contents to our different devices in production.
  2. The BeagleBones to which our sensor are connected, do not have PHP installed. I get some sourcefiles from the previous developer (Angular)
  3. Im new to Javascript/Angular. Bootstrap/HTML/CSS is not a problem for me. I also have experience at PHP/C/C++ which i can not use in this case.
  4. There are not that much different templates needet, its more important that the setup/documentation and support ist good. A simple layout > than a heavy layout which is harder to understand.

If any further informations are needet, please post and i will try to answer as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!