Searching a websolution for archive historic Data

Hi there,
We are searching for a websolution to archive our local historic datas,like videos,pictures,documents and so on from the last 600years. There are nearly up to 14.000 documents to store.

We are a smal voluntary association with the focus of saving our history.

We have thought about a cloud, but they do’nt have any features we need.
We want that visitor can explore all the data, store them, like them and comment.
Data custom fields for somethinge like"recorded at 1850", and so on. Tags and specified filters for all of this.

After hours of searching of finde the right syntax, we need a DAM Software or Libary:
Digital asset management
But we ain’t able to spend more than 100$/month for something like this. We also get some donation to do what we do.

Auf anyone got a software like this or some tipps, we are really greatful for this.

Demonstration of the need websoftware:

Kind regards


By reading your post, I think you might benefit from Amazon S3 Glacier service, which is a file/object archiving solution, their latest feature, called Glacier Deep Archive costs 1$ per 1TB/month, with one of the highest data durability solutions out there.

More info here:

We focus on cloud solutions, and file manager for Glacier is on our roadmap, not sure if you have Glacier related product here on Codecanyon yet, but take a look.