Searching a Song


hi Guys. I’m looking for this song. I unfortunately do not know the title and performers and have only the mp3. I would be very grateful if you could you help me. because I do not raufladne the mp3 here can I send a picture of the waveform. if someone wants to hear song then I can send him the file. regards


Hi there,

So you want us to check the waveform and recognize the track? hum… that’s very unlikely. Why don’t you attach the preview in your post? (sorry did not understand “raufladne”)

You can also upload the mp3 to Soundizer, it may be able to match it for you.


have already tried sounizer he does not recognize the song :frowning:


sorry I meant upload


i can only upload images


Right, I thought you could upload mp3 as well. Well then, you could upload it to soundcloud and link it here.

You could also check the detailed properties of the mp3. Sometimes Author name and/or title may be found there.


Put the mp3 in dropbox and share the link is maybe an option?


great idea, thx


but thank you there is nothing available. the file I have only changed in wav and the network does not work umwandlen. shazam recognizes the song also not … Now I try a dropbox link


here the link:


and here the wave file


c’mon whats wrong with this song…


a new try!5471&authkey=!AMhFNhyr4CSuByc&ithint=file%2Cmp3


please help me … !!!


Are you sure, that this track from Audiojungle? Just preview file has such a bitrate and sample rate, that authors not allowed to make…
Tried to find it, but failed :frowning: