searching a song that disapeared "We can make it happen"

Hi, I am searching for a song which i can´t find at audiodjungle.
I don´t have the number but the title… when i am searching it now… the wrong song appears.
Are there other ways to refind the songs?
Thats the former title:
We can make it happen


The only track that i could find with that name is this.

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Hi, thanks for your help, but this is not the song. I found a while ago and the song has the same name. Greetings from Germany

Would you happen to have a preview mp3 file for the song?

Yes, i have it… here is a wetransfer downloadlink:

Guido Peters

Could you find out???

Couldn’t find it, sorry. Hope someone else can recognize it. It could have been deleted, though.

Thanks for the info! Greetings