Search using reference number doesn't work

I’m with a mid-sized video production company and we have numerous videos we are working on at a time, and we purchase dozens of tracks every month. It used to be easy to download the preview and then when ready, just search using the music track’s reference number and purchase what is needed. Since this summer that hasn’t worked and it really makes the workflow much more difficult, as even searching by exact title and artist name brings up numerous unwanted results. Any solutions or plans to address this?

Searching by reference number is a must, and I really don’t understand why it’s been removed. Doesn’t make sense to me.

There is a workaround albeit a bit clumsy:

Type in the URL (replace referencenumber with the actual number):

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I am having the same problem too. Mid 2018 and the problem is not solved yet. The workaround PurpleFogSound suggests works but it is a workaround which is quite stupid to have to do when the feature was implemented in the search before and now it isn’t. Envato please put it back again, it is really useful!

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