Search tool by keywords help needed

Hi, I’m a newbie in Wordpress and want to build search engine on my photography site so my clients can search for photos of let’s say Dubrovnik/Croatia or any other location. I’m not asking SEO seach tool. Something similar to this guy’s page down in footer:
Very much like search tool on photo stock web sites but it doesn’t have to that high-end and complex…
I’m desperate, I’m looking but I found no answer… Please help. Thank you!

It’s basic WordPress feature, if you’re referring to the “Category” listing, it’s pre-built as well as "Search’ button/section on the bottom ( not sure which one you’re referring to )

For category, you just need to “link” the images, for “Search” you will need to modify the theme.

Thank you very much for your answer but that’s not it. I know about categories and I’ve done it myself. What I need is more precise search tool that will look up for keywords in my photo base which I plan to be big. I already have keywords in each photo implemented in Photoshop and I need search tool to look inside each jpg I will upload. It would take me a long, long time to write keywords for every photo again. They are already in every jpg beacuse of stock banks where I sell my photos… Thank you. If you have time check out this guy’s search tool in the footer… I don’t think this is done through categories… or maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know…

He may be using the “keywords/tag” for the images but not visible to visitors as basic search feature that you will need to update the keywords for the images to be found easily with “WordPress” basic search feature.

If you’re looking for something that would go inside of the photos and search the images, that would require custom work, I haven’t seen any script/extension before. It’d be a custom job.

Ah so. Ok, I’ll ask my friend programer. I didn’t wanted to bother im with this. I thought there may be some plugin that would search directly from jpg…
Anyway, thank you very much for your answer and time. Best regards!