Search Term Tweak

Currently, due to how the search engine favours short titles, items in the “Music Pack”, “Logos & Idents” and “Music Kits” is getting very bad positions in the result lists. Since they by rule are forced to be titled “… Pack”, “…Logo” and “… Kit” these will never stand up to the “Music” (or “SFX”) items in a typical search. This is quite obviously reflected in the lower sales numbers for these categories.

I suggest that the search engine should be tweaked to not give these categories a bad run, i.e. code it so that having a title with any of the words “pack”, “logo”, “kit” does not weigh into the algorithm. Similar to as how it currently works with “a”, “an”, “the” etc.

What do you think?

@damirkotoric @salamagd @michellerobinson @EricSchwartz


Once again you are spot on @Stockwaves! I noticed this with my recent pack not even making it onto the main search results page- it was a “holiday pack” pack and was no contest for the tsunami of “holiday” tracks :smile: