search results screen is not loaded

Hi, my search is not working in my wprentals template. I am using half map with google maps, so I enter the city name which is auto-completed and click search button. After that the homepage is reloaded with the GET parameters in the url, but without the search results page on it. So it’s something like this
Does anyone have any idea where should I look for the error?


The first place where you should look for errors is the browser console. More probably there is a script error/conflict which causes the search results to not show and the search to not work as expected.

If this does not solve the problem, it’s recommended to ask the theme author for support:

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Thank you, but unfortunately there are no errors in the browser console and the author support is expired. :frowning:

The support period can be extended if you navigate to your downloads area:

and if you click the “Renew support now” link:

It’s the recommended method, because the theme author knows better what&where the problem is and how to solve it.