Search Query isn't working. Need Help.

The search bar of theme forest on my website doesn’t work. I need help in implementing it. Please help me with the search queries.

Hi @Gajendramehta,

We need a bit more details from you. Do you have issues with theme purchased via Themeforest, or are you seeking for help with your own website?


I have recently developed a website using a theme purchased via theme forest. The search bar provided by the theme does not work on my website. I need help in implementing it. I do not want to add external search boxes. Please help me with the search queries that are compatible with theme forest itself.

Whenever I click on the search bar and enter any query it won’t work. It does not show up the required result.

If you have problems with core functions of theme, you should ask theme Author directly via purchased item “Comments” or “Support” section. Nobody knows a theme better than its Author :slight_smile:


Okay. I will do so.
Thank You!