Search plugin, comparison and calculation

Good morning,
First of all, I apologize for the English, I hope to be able to make myself understood.
I hope I’m in the right section, if not, please excuse me and move it.
I need a plugin that allows me to research, create calculations and make comparisons between foods and nutrients.
I looked for a plugin that could do what I’m looking for, but I couldn’t find it.
I’ll try to explain as clearly as possible what features it should have.
I create a menu field, a box or other that allows me to enter 100 food names. In each food I must have the possibility to insert from 1 to 9 nutrients that must not be visible. Ex:

  1. Cereal (has 5 non-visible nutrients)
  2. Legume (has 4 non-visible nutrients)
  3. Oily seed (has 2 non-visible nutrients)
  4. Nuts (has 3 non-visible nutrients)
  5. Hemp (has 5 non-visible nutrients)
  6. Lemon (has 6 invisible nutrients)

From this list I select “Legume” and an automatic message tells me that it has 4 nutrients, indicating which they are.
The same message has to tell me what nutrients are missing. In this case 5 nutrients are missing in the “Legume”, so I will have to list which of these 5 are missing
In the same module where the menu with the 100 items is present, I will have to have a button, which if clicked after selecting one of the 100 foods goes to indicate me with another message, the possible combinations to get to have all 9 nutrients. Message example:
To get all 9 nutrients you will need to combine the “Legume” with:
• “Cereal”
• “Oilseed” + “Dried fruit”
• “Dried fruit” + “Hemp” + “Oily seed”
• “Lemon” + “Dried fruit”
• Etc…

The 100 foods may have one or more nutrients in common, so the script needs to know which nutrients are in common. Its purpose is to get to have all 9 of them, indicating which ones are missing in that specific food and which are all the possible combinations
I hope I have explained.
Can you tell me a plugin that can do the above?
Thank you.