Search index issue

I purchased a Wordpress theme several months ago and I noticed my site does not show up in a search engine. If I extend the support from the theme author, can they help with this issue or do I have to go another root?

I doubt support covers search optimisation.

Google will give you the most common issues to look out for

Unless you have told it to hide from search then the theme is only likely to be part of an issue

I had my domain company check if it was hidden and they found nothing. So you’re saying there could be a theme issue and their support could help?

I’m pretty sure that theme support would NOT cover it.

Is it not being listed at all or just very low down? Have you got SEO plugins installed and setup like Yoast?

It’s possible that some themes will rank better than others but it’s unlikely that a stock one would not rank at all

I tried a plugin called Rank Math but I think it put spam on my listing. Now if I look up my site by name it only shows up in Google maps but no listing at all. I’ll have to look to see where it could be blocked. Or try to find someone who can. Thanks for your reply

I’ve never heard of that plugin - but to be fair it gets good rating.

Maybe take it off and install Yoast or All in One and give those a chance

I thought so too, but I later read that 200 were fake. I keep hearing about Yoast so I’ll give that a try.


Please go to wp-admin Dashboard then
Settings => Reading
in Reading settibgs page you will find ‘Search Engine Visibility’. Make sure ‘Search Engine Visibility’ is unselected for your website. If selected then it will prevent search engines from indexing this site.

Now for getting better indexing you can go with any best SEO plugins.


Thanks. I did discover that yesterday. Hopefully it will solve the issue. Any idea how long it should take to see my site listed?

Actually impossible to say as there is no guaranteed how much time it can take. Also for grtting indexed you have to submit your site in google and also have to submit sitemap. you can use any seo plugin. Thanks