Search for WordPress Web Templates seems erronous

Hi there, I couldn’t find a way to seek assistance directly so I’m trying here. My website provider is InMotionHosting and they require that I use WordPress website templates.
In Envato Elements, I search for those “WORDPRESS WEBSITE TEMPLATES” and come up with 2000+ listings, which seems great. The problem is that every one of those I have clicked on and looked at demos, etc., has turned out to be anything but a WordPress website. They are html and other formats but not WordPress. I don’t understand why I can’t get Envato’s search feature to properly filter the search to what I am trying to find. I used to have a Zenfolio website and wanted to try doing something on my own. Despite numerous attempts however, starting with trying to find a theme that will work with my hosting company, I have so far struck out. I’m in Canada so with exchange, this is a pricey subscription that I’d like to make use of but haven’t been able to. I may be doing it wrong so would appreciate any advice I can get here.
Thanks in advance.

It should not be so hard to find a category “WordPress” on Envato Elements.

Here is a direct link to the WordPress themes (there are around 1710 items at the moment):

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Thank you. I think I must have been trying to filter further by using the search function after arriving at those themes. For example I searched for Wordpress Website Templates and then those came up and I thought if I then typed Photography into the search box it would further filter the ones already shown. What it did instead, is refilter entirely.
I’m sure I can find my way now. Thanks again for your help!