Search field for personal downloads page

I have 71 pages and over 1,400 items in my downloads and the fact that I cannot search them has blown me and my company away for years. The problem is at critical mass and NEEEEEDS to be addressed. I feel like I am taking crazy pills for even having to type these words, its so obvious.I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this service, please take a few of those dollars and add this feature so I can actually find the things I have purchased.



Highly appreciated your concerned ideas (keyword search) to find a specific purchased in the download page. Please open Help ticket and let them know. They will be happy to think about it with their engineering team.


It appears to be something that is so obvious but yet is not available.
We are told that we need to re-license items when we re-use them yet there is no way we can find items we have used. A search by Project or Collection is definitely needed if Envato wants us to comply.

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