Search engine still based on titles ? (new rules for titles, but nothing really changes..)

I submitted a new track, and as some other platforms now prohibit stupid titles made only of keywords (because their customers are fed up with these), I decided to do the same here, but I used a compound title, something like “My nice title (Vlog Hiphop)”

Well, they kept all the words but removed the round brackets… so I read the rules, and ok, compound titles are forbidden.
Why not, I like the idea, but has the search engine be modified so that it does not entirely rely on titles?

I doubt it, because I checked one of the best seller in Hiphop, and my god… the titles he uses are so ridiculous and unprofessional :frowning: “Hiphoping hiphop” “This Hiphop” “It is Hiphop”… and several tracks have the exact same title by the way… :frowning:

The rules say that these titles are forbidden, but it seems it does not apply to these guys…It is so sad to see this… :frowning:

I decided to go the “Creative” route, I have seen some good sellers which seem to use these kind of titles, so hopefully the search engine is better?

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I think the prohibition is about for “hip hop is hip hop” and all these stupid names.

so “Hip-hopping for Hiphop” would not be considered a stupid name… oh well :frowning:

We will see on October 2th how stupid it is… :wink:


Am I missing something? What’s so special about October 2th?


We should be able to call our tracks originally and use tags for search purposes. I don’t see why “Original Title [Tag Tag Tag]” is a bad thing. It has the best of both worlds. Original and descriptive.

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yes, I totally agree… and as a listener, on some other sites, I love when tracks have a nice, artistic name, but when I can also see a quick description of the genre/mood, on the same line.

But it is clearly stated that this is not allowed! Funny thing is, they were ok to remove the brackets… but then it looked like a really really stupid name!

I’ll choose the same route as you: artistic names, for now at least!

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All those names must be changed by authors that day.


Ok, so I don’t know why some of you pretended something special would happened on 2nd oct…?

But I checked some of the profiles I usually check in hiphop styles… because they sell, they sell…
and… nothing has changed…

Look at this screenshot…!



And these are very recent uploads… and they sell not too bad!!

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