Search engine shows only top sellers on the first page again...

Search engine shows only top sellers on the first page again…
Why someone from Envato thinks that “Best match” = “Best sellers”?
This is not good. No sales on new items (even with external promotion).
No reason to improve and create better music here.
Someone wants to make bad search engine the worst among other music stocks/markets?
I was working hard on my latest tracks and I get nothing…
I’m very disappointed.

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Why would a new item, be a better search result, than an item that has sold well and proven popular with buyers?

If you can answer than, then I’m sure Envato would consider changing it back. Although it could just be a test… they may not keep it like that anyway.

It doesn’t have to be better. But if new items have no chance to be discovered among top sellers why Envato still accepts new items?
Or you think that all old items with a lot of sales are better than all new items? Can you answer this one?

Yes, any item with a lot of sales is… on average, better than a new items. If you have 25 items on the first page of a search for items by sales, and 25 items on the first page of a search by date… you’re considerably more likely to have a higher percentage of high quality items in the search by sales. There will always be exceptions, but that’s just the way it is.

I’m not disputing that, I’m just discussing why a search by date would be better for buyers than a search by sales. Would a search by sales really be a ‘bad search engine’ and would be the worst among stock marketplaces? As for why they still accept new items…

  1. People do still have the option to search by date, or a host of other things.
  2. The front page is populated by new items.
  3. Your new items will show up in your followers feed.
  4. New items eventually become old items.

Why would a new item, be a better search result, than an item that has sold well and proven popular with buyers?

Because very often the author of new item may do a careful research of existing items and make new one with extra features that current items don’t have. At least I would do so. in other words, I would only include a similar item if it has way more features than existing items.

True, but you’re still going on something that an author may or may not have done… when a search by sales is only going to show results that include popular items that have sold well. New items should be of a higher quality, they should have more features, they should sell better… but that’s not always the case.

Now even if you make a track with a high quality , superior track with thousands of sales - it will get lost faster than at least a dozen sales

"Newest item"s as default in opera, chrome and firefox for me!

“Best match” is always a default.
But search result may depend on what words are you typing in search.
For example:
“Epic” shows mostly new items but with sales.
“Rock”, “Ambient” - mostly top sellers.
Envato is playing with different search results for different keywords again.

I’m not telling that default search should be by date. But it doesn’t have to be by sales either.

  1. People do still have the option to search by sales.
  2. The front page is populated by new items for about 10-30 minutes for one item. And then it’s gone.
  3. Followers are mostly other authors, they are friends and competitors, but not potential buyers.
  4. New items eventually become old and die without any chances to have a beautiful life. Old item with no sales will not be shown in search results because it was not selling because it was not shown in search result when it was released. That’s some kind of loop. How to get out of it?

This isn’t really news.

It’s been that way for quite awhile for the most popular search terms.

Less popular search terms continue to display newer items as “Best Match.”

This statement has some limitations. For example, when an buyer is looking for an inspiring, upbeat guitar track, there’s likely several hundred quality tracks that would be great for their project. They’re not looking for ‘the one’ track on AJ, just a suitable, quality track that meets their needs. If it happens to be a top seller, they’ll go for it, because why keep looking if you’ve found what you already need.

I think this is more of a seller issue than a buyer issue. If your statement is correct (and it does make sense to me), why does AJ allow new submissions? Is there not enough inspirational motivational music on AJ? Most of it is very high quality. Any buyer will almost certainly find what they need with a single search within the first page or two of results. If AJ is only going to default to popular items, there’s obviously no incentive for new authors to submit music. I’m not even saying that its a bad thing - Envato’s primary goal should be to sell tracks, not serve as the fairness police for new authors.

I think the whole situation just presents some interesting things to consider. Why pay for reviewers to review new music when your site is structured to bury new music and you know you’re going to get the sale anyways with your current library of music.

2 Likes / enter
i wrote “corporate” in search engine / enter
result ?
best match / any date
summing up it can be said that the new tracks of the authors simply will not technically be able to collect such a quantity of sales, because they will simply get lost somewhere below the stream of new tracks …

Well, eventually the entire library is going to sound like it’s from a bygone age, and they’ll have to change the name to RetroJungle or something! There’s always people who are going to benefit from the way a search engine works and people who aren’t, there’s not that much that can be done about that. Default to best sellers, new items miss out. Default to new items, older items and best sellers miss out.

As for no incentive to upload new tracks if new tracks aren’t getting that much exposure… first, if it’s a decent track then it should eventually get enough sales to start showing up in top sellers (not everyone just uses the default search - I rarely do) and second, they’re not going to be new for all that long.

And if defaulting to top sellers, at the expense of new items, might stop people creating new items… surely defaulting to new items at the expense of old items or top sellers, might mean people would be better off deleting their items after a few weeks or months, and selling them elsewhere?

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Mostly agreed, though there’s a bit of snowballing that would make it difficult for new items to become best sellers (most top sellers are 2-5 years old).

There’s no real simple solution. I suppose if Envato wanted to incentivise submission of new items while keeping older items relevant there could be some sort of randomness in search (i.e. every other track a best seller while others are new), but that would likely be difficult to effectively implement in a search setting.

In the end Envato will (and should) do whatever generates the most sales strategically planning for the future, regardless of how ‘fair’ the system is.


If I had a dollar for every time this argument has been made, then I wouldn’t care if my new items showed up first or not! :slight_smile:


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