Search engine on Audiojungle is NOT inspiring anymore!

My success continues elsewhere, even in those sites that have so many tracks. Is that because they have better search engines? more traffic? Maybe my stuff actually in demand there? But how do you explain that despite Audio Jungle getting more traffic (I did the research) I sell 75-125% more at the other site (revenue wise) when compared to AJ? And that’s compounded when you know that AJ has half the number of music tracks total.

Simple possible answer -AJ favors one word titles and top sellers.
Or…Buyers don’t like my stuff as much on AJ.

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The last two or three months, I have experienced even 70% drop of sales…

I think we need to move back to the old search engine (the one everybody was complaining about in this thread in the first place). The new algorithm update has not solved any of the issues mentioned in this thread. Instead it is simply a list of high-selling items that have similar if not identical titles to the searched term. This means there are no chances at exposure for new items, which will only end up demotivating authors to upload new content.

I thought the engine we had before was bad, but seeing this new update has made me wish we had it back.

All across the holidays I had been working on a bunch of new tracks for AJ, but now I’m holding back uploading until something changes - if nothing at all, bringing the previous algorithm back. At least it gave new items a chance.

If this simple title issue cannot be resolved with a fair update, then we might as well have the old one back again.


Funny thing is, it now looks like it used to a couple years ago. It seems to be a binary choice between ranking by sales or ranking by one word-titles… What if… there was another way?

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I don’t know the process of tweaking the search engine, so I can’t really criticise Envato staff for their efforts - ultimately I don’t know how the site works and the implications behind changing the search algorithm - but, it does seem peculiar that we only have the two modes of title-dominated vs sales-dominated search results. I thought that tags and description would be a sufficient source of information for a track to use as a priority in search, but tags have been described as “irrelevant” by the staff, so I don’t know. All I know is that the ranked tag system is a sure-fire way to solve the issue.

If nothing else changes, and we get the old algorithm back, I certainly won’t be complaining. I’ll gladly take generic titles if it means our new tracks will get their critical initial search exposure back.

Right now the search is beyond destructive for new tracks. I can’t risk uploading any new content knowing that it will never debut high enough in the search to be seen.

Unfortunately whilst I honestly believe that we all have the best intentions to help improve Envato and the experience for buyers and authors, I can’t help but feel like we’re being treated by the staff as if we are complaining, or asking for something that is unreasonable.

I’m not here to complain - I’m here because I want to make AudioJungle even better.


I do not think that Envato will change back search engine now. They said they gonna work it out, but they only put top sellers up and still most of the tracks called Inspiration. It has been for two weeks now, nothing, absolutely nothing changed. It seems it will stay this way… Unfortunately for new or not elite authors. Luckily for top sellers…

Exactly, I agree with your observations. Sales are more evenly spread out on pretty much ALL other sites. This is because of the Top Lists (mostly) and mediocre search.

At the same time, the top list is what makes AJ so attractive to sellers. Nowhere else can you reach the level of dominance the top lists provide. It’s the small chance to end up there yourself…

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I think it’s mainly what you mentioned:

  • The other sites probably have better search engines and perhaps they assisted with standardized tagging by providing you with lists of terms, moods, etc. Both of the ones I alluded to have tagging assistants as a back-end feature. That’s always going to be better than having composers add their own keywords with no help because some people are better at adding tags than others. That has nothing to do with music and quality.

  • Some people are better “game players” here than others in terms of how they exploit the search engine problems here at AJ. Those keyword based titles were one of those things, but that might have recently changed. As this doesn’t happen as much in other places, your results might be better there.

  • The existence of premium placements (best seller lists) that distract from use of the search is definitely not good. They don’t affect me because I don’t sell here, but I think they’re unfair to everyone stuck the search engine with no extra push. This isn’t a place of business where you get a bonus for “hard work”, quality and seniority. I think everyone who composes music at an acceptable level works hard and time on the site shouldn’t matter. Let quality speak for itself… in the search engine with all the other music.

I doubt weaker performance here has anything to do with a difference in buyer tastes and I don’t think it’s traffic to any major extent. I think several sites have more traffic but they also have more files, more composers and therefore more competition. I think you already hit the spot on the issue.

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Yes, previous algorithm was better for new items. Please do back up to previous search algorithm.


This new ‘updated’ search engine is absolutely terrible for new items.

With all of these “dinosaur” items showing up at the top of searches – the site looks old.

There is ZERO incentive to work hard on a new item if it can’t be found.

I started here in September, and each month has been better than the last. Before, at least I knew that each of my songs had a shot to become something great…but this search engine update has ruined my ambition. It’s just disappointing.


Stopped writing for AJ shortly after this song title war was starting to happen a few years ago. Laughable at this point.


I can’t risk uploading anything new until this broken search engine gets fixed. I’ve prepared a lot of great new tracks for AJ, but I’m too scared to upload anything for the fear that they’ll debut on page 5+ and never be seen by buyers!

This needs to be changed back, now.

Give us generic titles - it’s far better than the disaster we have now. :frowning:


I don’t know what happened and what changed in the search algoritm, but now when i searching, I see the newest items, seems to me like nothing has changed.

Only certain terms were affected such as “inspiring”, “corporate”, “upbeat” etc. The majority of search terms work with the newest items, however the terms mentioned above are still ‘broken’.

Hi soundroll,

Here’s an example when searching for “fun”:✓&term=Fun

The second result is 6 years old. The third result is over 4 years old. Etc.

The authors that got 59 and 63 sales within the last 2 months and the author with 17 sales in the last month have been put behind these songs. Also, their items look even less attractive to buyers since nobody seems to give ratings anymore.

As Aurus said…this is just 1 example.


oh, I see… I searched with words like energetic, powerful and others, and got results with newest items.

+1 Agree with this

Totally invisible now and no sales for a week! :cry:

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New search engine? Wow… Now again it is possible to call the tracks by the normal names? Good news!

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How come first “Rock” search not showing new items?
What i can understand, the tweaking was only going to affect "Inspired, insp… "?