Search engine on Audiojungle is NOT inspiring anymore!

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It just came to me this morning, years ago in music scool, all the pieces had the same titles like “Andante” and “Allegro” You see, the pattern has been here since forever :slight_smile:


It’s also of envato’s interest to be welcoming and fair to new authors, because they are keeping the site alive and growing. You never know when a new top selling artist is going to arrive and kick butt on the top authors list.


I only have 5 tracks and so far this month I’ve had a total of 50 views for all of them. Hahahah!

This is why I don’t upload here anymore. :slight_smile:

Totally, 200% agreed with the original topic and I’m amazed how many users (a lot of them top rated ones) think aswell that the system should be changed immediately. The actual situation is that there are hundreds and hundreds of items called plain and simply “Motivational”, “Inspiring”, “Happy”, “Corp” or “Business” that are being uploaded every 30 minutes, so they’ll rank first in a search than the older ones. That leaves us users no option to be permanently uploading new items with the same name. This is sad, poor, unfair and bad for everyone’s business.

I’m convinced that a seach engine much more based on the tags and less in the strict item name would benefit both users and authors. Seems like everyone in this thread kinda agrees with this.

Let’s hope we see some changes regarding this in 2016.

Cheers to everybody and happy new year!

That is track visits. Not track cues I think.

It seems that the goal here is to eliminate the “title game”. That’s easy. Ask Envato to put the title dead last in terms of search engine priority, ban one word titles based on keywords, and have descriptions appear on the results page with the title and play button.

But, I think the most desired result for most authors here is a more even distribution of sales. That being said, get rid of the top seller lists and everyone’s sales will be more evenly distributed. Those lists are killing you guys and hijacking a lot of sales. It’s too easy to just go buy from those authors AJ promotes up front and not bother searching. Seems like a “no brainer”.

Agree, though with the search engine in its current state, I can understand why buyers resort to going straight to the popular files list. The search results are something of a mess at the moment, to say the least.

If I was buying a corporate track, a results page full of strange variants of the word corporate would just confuse me. Corporate, Corporation, Corporative, Corporational, Corporated, Corporativeness, Corporateness, the list could go on. Strangely, you can make up many new and different “words” for your track by following a couple of basic rules, and the search engine accepts them as synonymous to the root word. Here are some words that work with the engine:

Upbeatative, Upbeational, Upbeated, Corporating, Coorporative, Upliftive, Happied, Epicational - none of these are words in the English lanugage, though the search engine appears to treat them as valid terms - was this the plan when the search engine was changed? For us to begin naming our tracks in this fashion?

Expect to see these terms appear soon as desperate sellers begin to run out of one-word titles to use.

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Indeed, as you pointed out, there are two distinct issues here, though they are related.

The first is the title non-sense that is hurtful for authors and hurtful for Envato and a pain for buyers. This issue needs urgent attention and is quite easy to fix. With no additional development or rethinking of the search engine. It is merely a question of priority given to titles in the algorithm. This needs to be fixed now. It is not an “ongoing project” as @KingDog said, nor should it be a longterm approach.

The second issue, the fairer distribution of sales amongst authors, is much more complex, has much more implications, and many possible approaches. Though there are some great ideas in his thread, I understand that Envato is unable to provide us with anything concrete on the matter. A search engine is meant to favor some items compared to others. So there will always be some who lose and some who win.

From what @KingDog said, there clearly is a misunderstanding on what the issue is on Envato’s side. The answer we got in this thread could be applied to issue #2. But it makes no sense for the first issue, the title non-sense, that does need some urgent (and easy) fixing.

Total sales in this week from Popular Files List: 2,051
Total sales from Top Author List on November: 11,318
Total sales in the last six months from Featured Files list: 9,393
Authors with at least 1 sale on audio jungle: 12,000
Total music files on audiojungle: 333,704

If we cut the totals sales from Top Author List or Top Files of the week we have 1 more sale by month for authors with at least 1 sale. The real problem is a saturated market.

Thanks for those numbers. However, there are actually only 205,087 music files. The rest are sound FX and I’m specifically addressing music since sound FX would be in a different search. Your numbers most likely include numbers that don’t relate if you’re including sound FX authors that are in the monthly top sellers list, and are over differing periods of time, not a set period. Plus, I’m not following how your conclusion of one more sale per month for authors with at least one sale can be drawn from your research. There are too many variables involved that aren’t addressed by those numbers. When I said “more even distribution of sales”, I really meant to say that everyone would have an even chance to be heard because people would be forced to search and not just pick from a list that’s sitting in front of their face. When you have lists of songs and authors put in front of people and only offer a crappy search engine, chances that they’re going to buy from the lists are high. Now, if you’re a top seller, perhaps tossing the list means you are returned to the level playing field with everyone else and your sales will go down. Unfortunately, that is how being fair works, although I’m not sure Envato actually cares about being fair so much as making sales.

Saturation is indeed a huge problem for more than just AJ. It’s a problem being faced by all of the music industry and has become nearly unmanageable in the low budget production music industry. But, a good search engine and removal of anything that distracts from its use can decrease the affect of saturation for those who want to continue to try selling in this market. It would improve the possibility that you will be heard.


Hi everyone, we will be releasing some changes later today to help address this issue. Read about it on this post.


“only” :laughing:

Oh, I know… You don’t have to tell me twice. BUT, there are multiple sites with MANY more music files. I can’t name them here because they are competitors, but one has a name similar to what you might think of as a “small lake”, not four of them, but one more than four. It has 395,870 music files. Another one involves audio that appear to “ignite”. That one has… hold on… 711,000 music files! Good luck being found over there.

While AJ has a ton of files, more than in most successful royalty free libraries that actually market your music directly to clients via music supervisors and sales reps, it’s almost a barren waste land compared to some of these places.

Search engine is not inspire anymore in automatically because of doading.

Yes. 100% agree with you…

I think that many participants in the debate confuse two different things.

First, the file search system - a program code, on which is based the whole ranking system tracks (the system of weighting coefficients). The system works automatically. I personally have no claim to it. It should be understood that the code can not differentiate between the quality of the tracks. Therefore, these people are doing (Envato). In Envato there are special tools, such as “recommended track”, “track free month”, etc.

Second, the popular trends of which we speak (corporate, inspiration, epic, etc.) determines not Envato team, but the clients. Behalf of a client as a result of influence on the process of weighting coefficients with their choice. In this case, I’m not talking about the formation of market demand. I am talking about self-promoting independent source when the track has not been selected Envato as “recommended track”.

Question: Then how the author could affect the situation?
Answer: to create quality music and at the same time the trend. That’s not news. All we know about it, but still continue to argue, discuss, propose something new …

I want to say that the “manual mode” selection of tracks certainly affect sales, and in fact is a potential “trigger success”. But this does not guarantee success.

Therefore, I would not discuss now search algorithms, it is not important.

The main thing - is to realize that search algorithms are included after their work will make people - Envato or clients. And, certainly, we - authors, primarily because it is our content. This is the main idea.

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You are completely wrong. Search is THE MOST important thing when selling ANYTHING online. Yes, more important than quality.


Unfortunately, this is extremely true. I often see mediocre music out sell music of much higher quality. That’s sometimes due to the increased visibility given to things outside of the search engine by premium listings, but often due to music getting buried in the search engine because of poor tagging and this foolish titling issue at AJ. These are the reasons I’ll continue to say the “top seller” lists need to go because they discourage use of the search engine, metadata needs to be standardized and guided by Envato if not performed by Envato staff, and a better search that gives a title low priority needs to be developed.

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